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Picture is of Lucia Rijker, a Dutch professional female boxer, kickboxer, and actress. Rijker has been dubbed by the press and opponents "The Most Dangerous Woman in the World."


And my bag has your face on it, "diddy". I hold a grudge really well for a very, very long time. I am smarter and faster than you, and I WILL catch you again if you cross me. You really want to test me?


(OPEN RP ANYONE CAN JOIN) I knew Candy would kill me if she knew I was going to the gym but I needed to get this stiffness out of my limbs. I stripped off Wills over-sized t-shirt and pulled on my black sports bra and black bikers. I walked down to the gym and once there I taped my knuckles and did a few stretches to get loose. I set up 3 different punching bags and began my work out.