Guys, stop letting 'strong' confuse you. It's just put there to differentiate from the normalcy of poorly written female characters. A female character who is physically strong can be 'weak' if that's her only defining trait. Too often people confuse a masculine female with "strong" which is entirely counterproductive.

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Fantasy Art Th, Character Inspiration, Art Th Women, D D Characters, Female Character, History Fantasy Character, Cris Ortega Art, Characters Inspiration, ...

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GUEST POST by @cassidynicole82! How to Write Strong Female Characters: A Guest Post by Cassidy Eubanks |

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Infographic Looks at the Most Badass Female Marvel Characters | Nerdist

Writing better female characters means showing how real people act rather than gender stereotypes. Read about 7 great characters and what they teach us

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Hello. I am Alexandra Primridge. I am 17 and single. But don't let my looks fool you. I may be shy and quite most of the time, but do something wrong or act wrong in anyway and I will bust out with a gun or knife. Your pick. Anyway, my code name is Crimson. Come say hello

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