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toyhaven: Pre-order Dollsfigure 1/6 scale SEXY Female Ninja Costume set for 12-inch figure

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Kunoichi(Woman ninja) hakama costume(black-red) - from iga,japan

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I'm Alexandria, I'm an assassin, and I am awesome at parkour. I am a tempermental freak, and do not get on my bad side. Class of magic: illusion. Minor: Enchantment and mythical creatures. I'm 17 and 6' 5". I have a nasty habit of cursing.

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Coolest Handmade Kunoichi (Female Ninja) Costume

Ninja Postures Necessary With This Costume! I am a fan of ninjas and Japanese culture, so I decided to make a handmade Kunoichi (female Ninja) costume. I drew a sketch of what the costume would ideally

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