you're attractive, some people just have different tastes. one of your least favourite songs could be the song that changed someone else's life for the better. appearances are the same, chin up sweetie

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17 More Times Feminists Had The Perfect Comeback

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Renouncing feminism is a woman's right - I just don't think they realise how lucky they are to live in a world where they are free to voice that when there are countries like Saudi Arabia where women were only permitted to vote last year

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Are you an idiot, everyone has hair and when it's time to lose most of it our species will. Not to mention there isn't a single mammal on the planet that doesn't have fur/hair, seriously even whales do dumba--.

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"Nice guys" need to start minding their own fucking business yo no girl putting on liquid eyeliner wants to be disturbed that stuff is hard to do

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Not to mention our hormones at that time of the month are more like boys' anyway so...

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