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Yellow Jacket Fencing Club 2012 T-shirt contest winner (stick figures) Art Print

Yellow Jacket Fencing Club 2012 T-shirt contest winner (stick figures) Art Print by Yellow Jacket Fencing Club. Worldwide shipping available at Just one of millions of high quality products available.

I'm like the vanishing cat in Alice in Wonderland. Hello? Yes, you are attacking something that is no longer there. Look up.

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The Fencing Coach Code of Honor

Fencer's code of honor - Coach should have this posted somewhere at the club.


Fencing Weapons: Epee, Foil, Sabre


Submission by 30stlizsername!!! CAN I JUST MENTION THIS SWEETHEART WENT TO MY CLUB YESTERDAY TO TRY IT OUT AND IT TURNS OUT SHE HAD A GREAT TIME WOOT WOOT!!! Also if anyone has questions about joining Bergen Fencing Club just send me an ask and I’ll give you information (also make sure to notify me if you want the ask to be private or published)

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Britta Heidemann in Olympics Day 5 - Fencing

Fencing is one of five sports which have been featured at every one of the modern Olympic Games, the other four being Athletics, Cycling, Swimming, and Gymnastics.

Victorian Fencing Society: Louis Rondelle was born in France in 1854. He studied at the fencing academy at Joinville-le Pont, from which fencing masters of the French Army must graduate. He came to New York in 1881 and was the instructor at the Knickerbocker Fencing Club, and then became fencing master of the Boston Athletic Association in 1889. Rondelle’s book ... includes chapters on assaults and professorships, and is meant as a textbook for American Fencers.

Hm, let's replicate this photo on Thursday with Coach Rich. Repinned by Hub City Fencing Academy of Edison, NJ.