Welcome nursing momma's!! Just having baby #3 and experiencing oversupply with my first two and now I am just making enough I can't help but feeling like I need a boost. While I know that on demand nursing is best for baby as neither of us have to deal with the pain of oversupply its an adjustment for me. I do like to have tips on hand because with my first two I also experienced a dip in my milk at certain points, so this round I am prepared. Tea, Supplement, and cookies ... who…

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Fenugreek Lactation Bites: Increase Your Milk Supply, this simple recipe with loads of ingredients will tell your body to make more milk!

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It works! These lactation cookies help boost your milk supply thanks to 3 key ingredients. Freezer friendly, and super delicious, these lactation cookies are a breastfeeding mama's best friend.

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