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Fergie started doing drugs when she was a teen, but it took a frightening experience to get her to quit crystal meth: during her darkest days of addiction she was so paranoid she thought the FBI was tracking her every move and had followed her to church.

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Before the Black Eyed Peas, singer/songwriter Fergie spent almost a year addicted to crystal meth. Recently, she told Oprah how she found recovery with the help of “a lot of therapy, soul searching, [and] discovering why [she] did drugs in the first place.”

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Kids Incorporated

"We're Kiiiiids Incorrrr-porated.. K! I! D! S!" If we were to ask you what Fergie, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Martika had in common, what would you say? We hope you would say, "Well, Be...

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