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Maidenhair Fern-in the bathroom, low light ok, moisure, humidity. I have been looking everywhere for this plant but couldn’t think of the name of it!

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Boston Fern Care: How To Take Care Of A Boston Fern

Information On Care For Boston Fern: Care Tips For A Boston Fern - Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) are popular houseplants and proper Boston fern care is essential to keeping this plant healthy. Learning how to take care of a Boston fern is not difficult, but it is specific. Below, we have listed a few care tips for a Boston fern so that you can provide everything your fern needs to be happy and beautiful.

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I have never seen one of these so big, or so healthy.....must be lots of banana skins :)

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Asparagus Fern is a great plant for both indoors and out. Outdoors it is an annual plant. It has wonderful shape and texture to enhance any garden.

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★ GREEN // Muse by Maike // Instagram: @musebymaike #MUSEBYMAIKE

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Boston Fern - Curly Willow will be "planted" into the urn planter with the fern to create an arch for the ceremony.

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