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all Fern (Rabbit's Foot Fern, Squirrel Foot Fern, Deer Foot Fern, Hare Fern) | Scientific Names: Davallia spp. | Family: Polypodiaceae

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Illustration of Various Lichens Lecanorales by Margaret Senior. From the collections of the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Australia.

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Sweet Fern tea for diarrhea. I grew up with this plant growing in the forests surrounding my home. I recently was able to harvest some to add to my medicinal stockpile.

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Common Name: Evergreen Wood Fern Scientific name: Dryopteris intermedia Pronunciation: dry-OP-ter-iss in-ter-MEE-dee-uh Family: Dryopteridaceae Foliage: Evergreen

gardenriver: Royal Fern (Scientific name: Osmunda regalis)Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste - Progetto Dryades - Picture by Andrea Moro - Comune di Verbania Pallanza, Giardini Botanici di Villa Taranto., VB, Piemonte, Italia, - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 License

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Sweet Fern - Scientific Names Comptonia peregrina L. Comptonia asplenifolia Myricaceae Bayberry family --- Common Names - Fern bush Fern gale Meadow fern Sweet bush

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Top 10 Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home

Boston Fern Scientific Name: Nephrolepis Exaltata "Bostoniensis" Removes: * Most pollutants, especially formaldehyde. Benefits: * Beautiful and lush, a favorite for any home or office. * It does require attention in order to thrive.

asparagus densiflorus 'myersii' This cultivar is also often seen in the nursery trade as Asparagus meyeri, A. densiflorus Meyeri, Meyers, Myers or Myersii. In some countries, Asparagus densiflorus is considered an invasive weed.

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