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Africa | Fertility doll from the Namchi people of Cameroon | Wood, glass beads, cowrie shells and metal | These maternity dolls are worn on the belly or on the back, by women that are threaten to be sterility. Carved by blacksmiths, these effigies are then decorated by women themselves.


The Honey Bee Colony: The hive consists of three castes of bees. Queen• Fertile female responsible for the total population ~ Worker• Sterile female – does the work of the hive ~ Drone• Fertile male – exists to mate with queen


Anat, or Anath, is the Canaanite Warrior Goddess, the Maiden who loves battle, the virgin Goddess of Sacrifice, a swordswoman and archer. She is famous for having a violent temperament and for taking joy in slaughter. In the 14th century BCE Ugartic text The Epic of Ba'al, She defends Her brother the Storm-God Ba'al, called by His title Ayelin, "Mightiest", against Mot or Mavet, the force of sterility and death who represents the intense heat of the dry season which causes the crops to…


Fun & Interesting Facts about Hamsters


Hyacinth. Absolute gorgeous blue bloom. But very short stems. Perfect small accent but not the most practical flower for a florist.


Vittaria elongata, called stiff shoestring fern. Fronds borne in tufts, dull or shiny green, 4 cm – 14 cm long and 1 mm – 3 mm wide in sterile fronds, up to 40 cm long and 3 mm – 5 mm wide in fertile fronds


Deer Fern are native in different areas around the globe. They are easily identifiable when its ladder-like, fertile, deciduous fronds, which grow straight up and down in its center, are present. The outer, sterile evergreen fronds spread out in a rosette around the perimeter. Interesting medicinal info included too.


Deer fern,Blechnum spicant, deer fern heals stinging nettle stings. location is Washington and other forest/ wetland states, habitat wetlands / forest it usally grows to 1 foot 8 inches


La mia mente sta planando, la sento. È una manta, nera, aeriforme, che scivola verso il fondo del mare. Un lento dispiegarsi, arrendersi, avvilupparsi intorno a qualcosa di definitivo e irrimediabile. Il fondo, grigio come un marciapiede, come la confezione di un medicinale, come un’immagine desaturata della vita, una cosa che aspira, succhia. Posso ancora fermare tutto. Tutto il mondo, là fuori; ogni cosa è fredda e sterile. Lei è qui invece, calda, morbida, accogliente. Fertile.