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Detalles acerca de Festool Pista vio Portátil workbench/cut cuadro planes- mostrar título original


Would love to own the Festool, but Home Depot just had a great sale on the Makita so picked one up. Very excited to see what I can start building with this thing. DEWALT Festool and Makita Track Saw Head to Head


Best Track Saw For The Money (Top 5 Reviewed)

Festool know how to make a track saw.


Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw: Replaces my need for large table saw or panel saw to process full sheet.


The #CentipedeSupport once again proves to be a handy #tracksaw #stand in this repost via @hdcarpentry: Shaping these rough cut 8/4 with the Festool TS 75. The 55 could cut it but I wouldn't recommend it. The 75 is far more suited to handle this thickness of wood. The ability to make a factory straight cut in the field is unmatched by Festool's track saws. #festool #festooled #festoolfan #festoolsaw #festool_brasil #festool_usa #festoolts75 #carpenterslife #toolsofthetrade #tools #carpentry…

Workshop Favorite — Festool Track Saw (Sawdust Girl)