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Shawna Morgan - Fetty Wap's Assistant  Fetty Wap's former assistant Shawna Morgan stole $250000 from him. The rapper claims that Morgan was pretending to be the rapper's manager so she could earn extra money from his gigs. Fetty Wapclaims that Shawna would renegotiate deals and keep the extra money. Morgan clapped back alleging that the rapper actually owes her $250000.  Fetty Wap has to do better. A few years back he was one of the most popular rappers in the world but now he's struggling…
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Fetty Wap Proposes To Longtime GF & Instagram Model Alexis Sky — Report
Fetty & Alexis I believe
Solo Lucci Net Worth  Solo Lucci's net worth is $2 million. The rapper made an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood's third episode of season 4 "New Bae." Solo is dating Fetty Wap's former bae Alexis Sky. Princess Love and Ray are also seen on the episode. Princess tells Alexis that she might be pregnant despite Ray J's countbeing low.  Alexis tells Princess that she could be pregnant too. The two ladies are in totally different positions. Princess is married to Ray J and they've been…
Sis, didn’t y’all break up? Move on.  Last night on the season premiere of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, reality tv audiences got introduced to Atlanta IG model Alexis Skyy. Alexis had one mission in LA, that was to confront Masika over her ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap. We have to rewind a bit, because there was a few things fishy about her introduction. See more on #bossip dot com
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Alexis Sky Reveals She Joined Reality TV To Send A Message To Masika Kalysha: Says Fetty Wap Was Hers First #AlexisSky, #FettyWap, #LoveAndHipHop, #MasikaKalysha celebrityinsider.org #Entertainment #celebrityinsider #celebritynews #celebrities #celebrity
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