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Fiberglass enclosure always leaves 2 foot of drywall above. For those who are not going to put a full tile shower and want to make it look a little better and make it non-maintenance this is your best option.


EASY MAINTENANCE MASTER SHOWERS - Master baths feature a comfortable fiberglass master shower that offers easy access with no grout, meaning easy maitenance to keep clean. #LyonVillas #newhomes


Clean your fiberglass tub and shower the easy way. Be sure to get the blue can! Takes off soap scum and hard water deposits. Spray on and leave for at least 30 minutes. I then used a soft sponge scrubbie and wiped and rinsed and wiped and rinsed. Will follow up with car wax on the walls. BLUE CAN!!!


54" Fiberglass shower with Oil Rubbed Bronze shower doors in the Manhattan HR137A - Pennwest Ranch Modular Master Bathroom

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My fiberglass shower base now looks like new

Ten years ago, I moved into a condo that had the white fiberglass shower insert included. For years, I have scrubbed and scrubbed that shower, and there are always stains, soap scum, no matter what I do. I considering replacing it. Then, I found the ROG products here on Amazon and I decided to give it a shot. is clean as a whistle. Same goes for the rest of the shower... I used the blue foaming spray once - Every time I go into the bathroom, works great Amanda (Lowell, MA