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Ficus elastica | the hanging plants

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You won't grow tire-d of rubber trees. These little plants can actually get quite large, and are a kind of ficus. Rubber trees love water, so maybe steer clear if you're forgetful.

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10 plantes d’intérieur faciles d'entretien et quasi intuables

Green Goals; epic Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant), just what we need on a Monday morning. Spotted via the beautiful feed of @greenhomebook - a title we can't wait to get our hands on when it's published #ivymuse #ficuselastica #rubberplant

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Information On Growing Rubber Tree Houseplants

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“Do you have a spirit plant? Mine is the ficus elastica (aka rubber tree plant) — @dabito ”

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15 Beautiful House Plants That Can Actually Purify Your Home

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) | 15 Air-Purifying Plants That Will Turn Your Home Into A Lush Forest

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Ficus elastica decora medium | 3D Model

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