This is an age old Authentic Fideo Mexican Pasta Recipe that grandma used to make. There is a special technique you need to know before you start this recipe

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This hearty and comforting Mexican tomato noodle soup, called Sopa de Fideo, is a true feast of flavors!

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I can't wait to try this recipe for easy Fideo (Mexican noodle soup)! Love the idea of serving it with lime wedges - yum!

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Mexican Comfort Food Fideo. You can also add a can of ranch style beans and/or a pound of ground beef. I add both and have enough left over to feed the family lunch and another dinner. It's a simple recipe and changes based on the region or city. Some people add in black olives or jalapenos. A box of vermaceli is about 0.13 - 0.38 cents so it can be a really cheap meal.

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Sopa de fideo #recipe from This tomato-based broth soup with noodles is great for rainy days, tummyaches and whatever ails you.

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Authentic Fideo Mexican Pasta Recipe and special technique for the best pasta you will ever taste!!!

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