Field Spaniel

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Field Spaniel, suitable for dog agility and hunting. #DogBreeds #NaturesSelect

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Field Spaniel. They are members of the sporting group. They are great hunting dogs. They stand at 17-18 inches at the shoulder and weigh about 40-55 pounds.

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Field Spaniel dogs with mountains in the backdrop. Love pups in nature.

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Field Spaniel..i just wa€nt 2 kiss and cuddle him 4 ever..peace be with u my liver colored one

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The Field Spaniel resembles the Cocker Spaniel, but is longer and a bit larger. The distinctive glossy coat is either black or some shade of liver, or combinations of the two. They stand 17 or 18 inches at the shoulder and should present the picture of well-balanced, moderately proportioned hunting companions. The long, feathery ears frame a facial expression conveying a gentle intelligence. Field Spaniel movement appears effortless, with a majestic stride characteristic of the breed.

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