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Depression effect 1 in 4 of us these days. here are a few tip on how to deal with depression. Do you have any other suggestions? If so please feel free to add them to the comments box below!

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Ultimate Morning Routine to Fight Your Depression

Here's my ultimate morning routine to help fight my depression

If you are having trouble with anxiety and/or depression, find a counselor that can help you.
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Why Anxiety And Depression Are So Difficult To Fight (By Nick Seluk)


becoming-a-lawyer: How to get out of a bad mood or a funk.  These are some of my tips for when you are in a bad mood for no reason, hope this post helps you. The first step is to actually want to fight the bad mood and to think positively.  xoxo, G.

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6 Reasons Why Harry Potter is Good for Your Mental Health

I'm automatically distracted from my depression or anxiety because of Harry Potter. Here are 6 reasons why Harry Potter is good for my mental health: