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Fijian Food

Fijian Banana Cake Recipe

Monthly World Food Feature: Fijian Banana Cake Recipe. A party without banana cake in Fiji is like no party at all. Here is the recipe for 20+ people!!

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Fijian Coconut Fish with Tomato, Spinach and Rice | Nadia Lim- excellent with fresh coconut milk!

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Spinach In Coconut Milk (Cheaters Rourou)

A dish similar to the Fijian Rourou or Dalo leaves cooked in the earth oven "Lovo" underneath the ground wrapped in foil delicately covered with stones and banana leaves. Mine is an easy peasy simp...

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This is Fjij-Styled masala curry chicken. A fair portion of Fijian-food comes from South Asia due to immigration of South-Asian workers in the late 1800's.

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Fijian Raita

This dish was originally designed to cool down very hot curries, but then adventurous cooks had the idea to spice it up! Go figure. Serve this as a condiment. Found online and posted for

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this is palusami - a Fijian dish made of taro leaves and coconut milk: Just layer the greens (try something that will soften, like chard), with coconut milk, onions, chilli, and salt, (carrots are ok too)...and steam or bake till very mushy (marilyn cornelius)

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