A poster showing cetaceans, mammals adapted to exclusive oceanic life. Whales and dolphins have been hunted in the past, a slaughter that continues to a certain degree to this day in some countries.

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Pleated Filter Feeders combine chemical addition and filtering in one piece of equipment. They prove to be a convenient way to introduce chemicals into hot or cold water closed circulating systems. The Wingert Pleated Filter Feeder has a larger filtration volume/capacity than any other filter feeder on the market today. Our unique handle top filter holder design keeps hands safely away from potentially harmful chemicals, while our full bottom drain easily voids chemical residual.

This is a common ascidian (a filter feeder) only a few cm's long found on Opal reef. Also known as a Sea Squirt! Cool!

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Sea apple - Sea apple is a common name for the colorful and somewhat round sea cucumbers of the genera Paracucumaria and Pseudocolochirus, found primarily in Indo-Pacific waters. Sea apples are filter feeders with tentacles, ovate bodies, and tube-like feet. They can release their internal organs or a toxin into the water when stressed.

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Tunicate, also known as urochordata, tunicata (and by the common names of urochordates, sea squirts, and sea pork[1]) is a subphylum of a group of underwater saclike filter feeders with incurrent and excurrent siphons, that are members of the phylum Chordata. Most tunicates feed by filtering sea water through pharyngeal slits, but some are sub-marine predators such as the Megalodicopia hians. Like other chordates, tunicates have a notochord during their early development, but lack…

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Rhodonite and Flamingo Animal Totem - Daily Crystal Nugget - Information About Crystals As A Healing Tool

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