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When you need to study for a final/test, but don’t know what to do! Here are some ideas: • Make flashcards • Write a study-guide • Reread and highlight your notes from class • If available, look at power point slides from lectures • Make/find review...


memorize your notes faster before your next test Don't you often wish you could remember your biology notes as good as you can remember the lyrics of a song two days after it came out? Yeah, same. With finals around the corner, there's no doubt that we are all going to need to remember A LOT of information just as well as we are able to recall song lyrics.

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Socratic Seminar for any Text {Secondary English}

Engage students in a Socratic Seminar to study for a test or use it as a final assessment. Prepare students with this resource. High school English. Middle school English.


This was much needed.  Studying for my CPA exams has been taking a toll on me (I’ve been drinking lemon water to keep myself awake.  It serves as aroma therapy too ahaha).  Stay strong Kimi, the holidays will soon follow<3

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Series: Top Tips for Exam and Tests

Need some motivation and tips for exam and finals preparation? We are here to help! Here are a bunch of posts that cover everything from handling exam stress and anxiety, test-taking hacks, making exam schedules to taking notes for exams!