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Super cute bride and groom shot #brideandgroom #wedding

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"Only 10 miles to go," he grimaces. "If only you listened to your logical self," he mumbles. He staggers to the nearest tree and pukes. "That was lovely," he groans.

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LP----My newest favorite female voice. I openly cried when I listened to her songs, her voice moved me that much. If "Into the Wild" sounds familiar, it's because a clip of it is used on one of the Chase credit card commercials....thank you forever, Chase Bank, for sending me to the computer to find out who that incredible voice belonged to!!!!

Chase Bank asks employees' loyalty to LGBT Time to find another bank.

...I think I just found Phelan. He even has the right eye color. The only thing is that his skin is darker but other than that, this is perfect.

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#Kochtopus #Cato So for two decades, scores of Ph.D.s, student interns and research fellows have been pumping out OpEds, research papers, and burning the midnight oil to espouse the principles of freedom without knowledge that they were toiling for a corporation that was 50% owned by two oil billionaires.

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