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I have found that this is very true; friends will fall from my side along life's journey while new friends get on board as I move forward in my life.


With Deepest Gratitude ~ For the Beauties and Abundance of Our Earth ~ For Family Near and Far ~ For Friends Old and New ~ For the Gift of Each New Day ~ For Our Shared Abilities and Efforts In Helping To Make A Difference In Our World ⊰❁⊱ Amen


Leave, it happens... What is it a curse? I am tired of you people walking in and out! Once times right, maybe ill move where no one will find me, or know where I am and start a new life!


Do you know that problem you have as a couple where you just can't find something to watch on Netflix? Wait a minute! Maybe it's time to call up some mutual friends and go out! (With any luck, your friends will have some suggestions for new shows to watch..) If you're wondering what a healthy, active and fun-filled social life might look like for ...


I completely agree with this. I've been surrounded with a group of "friends" I don't actually like talking to and it is the loneliest feeling ever but once i found new friends that all changed. Find people you enjoy being around cuz life isn't forever so why waste your time feeling unwanted.