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Advances in Engineering features: Sparse matrix factorization in the implicit finite element method on petascale architecture

Extended Finite Element Method


Understanding and implementing the finite element method / Mark S. Gockenbach.-- Philadelphia, PA : Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, cop. 2006. Localización en la Biblioteca de la ULL:

High speed signal transmission lines and devices make use of differential pairs to reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference and crosstalk. Hence, it is vital to properly model differential pairs to achieve a higher signal integrity in these devices. HFWorks uses the popular finite element method right inside SolidWorks, the #1 CAD package, to simulate a wide range of high frequency circuits, devices and interconnects. In particular,

Programming the Finite Element Method (Hardcover)


Finite element simulation of a helical scanner with head/tape contacts - IEEE Xplore Document

cool Mod-01 Lec-03 Introduction to Finite Element Method Check more at