#Glee - Finn & Rachel

Still the best tv couple. So much love

cory monteith!

I will always love and support cory

Glee characters + the origin and meaning of their name

Wills is so awesome cause his name means "protecter" and everyone in glee club loves him and he is their protecter ♡

This was his last episode and his last line "stay away from my wife" which is meant for Lea Michele. They were engaged and soon married. We miss you Cory

Glee- Finn and Brody Fight

I totally need that encouragement thanks Finn! I learn from Finchel :)

Fave Finn line ever

Best quote from GLEE's tribute to Cory Monteith

GLEE's tribute Cory Monteith "The Quarterback"

I don't know why this made me laugh so much. Lol

Rachel and Finn**glee

Fashion of Glee has all the looks from season 5 episode 3 "The Quarterback"  You can get your own Finn necklace!

Rachel’s has a ‘Finn’ necklace for her sweetheart - but here’s the deal: you can get any name you want! And, in a variety of metals / colors too (silver, gold, copper, etc). Thanks heyitsjustme! Ryan Ryan Jewelry Rachel’s “Any Name” Necklace -.

But let's face it....everyone loves Rachel more than Marley and Puck more than jack and Quinn WAY more than Kitty and obviosly Finn again WAAAAAY more than Ryder. Forever the orginals from seasons 1&2

Are Glee’s season 4 newbies just carbon copies of our favorite McKinley graduates?

Finn and Rachel (Finchel) from Glee.

[PICS] Lea Michele & Cory Monteith’s Relationship — Best Moments Together - Hollywood Life