Fire Emblem Fates - Team Hoshido Corrin, Ryoma, Hinoka, Takumi, Sakura

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They look so cute hiding in Ryoma’s weave

Fire Emblem: Fates Birthright / Hinoka, Sakura, Takumi hiding in Ryoma's hair xD

Fire Emblem: If/Fates comic....THATS EXACLY HOW THE PROBLEM IS /// I knew there was a reason I chose Nohr

Conquest was a great game, so many kittens - Fire Emblem - FE fates - funny - comic

“You're right. I can't stand these Nohrian scum. If they've done ANYTHING to harm our master... I don't know what I'll do.” —Oboro, Birthright Chapter 9: Land of Gods Oboro (オボロ) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. One of Takumi's personal retainers, Oboro is a Hoshidan Spear Fighter who bears an unquenchable thirst for vengeance against Nohr for the death of her parents.


Fire Emblem: If/Fates - Suzukaze. He was one of my favorite characters. The ninja class was so cool!

Fire Emblem: If/Fates - Suzukaze. The ninja class was so cool! I married him on Birthright!