Worksheets: Follow the A to Z Path: Fireman Fred
Fireman Magnet Page
police vests for the preschool class. Lesson= safety and/or jobs people do!!'s just a paper bag, you cut up the middle and make a hole for their arms and neck then place a badge with "officer (name)"
firefighter coloring pages : coloring page id 1867803617
Preschool Printables: Fireman Toddler Printable
What community helper do you want to be when you grow up? Cute idea for incorporating math skills with social studies!!
He's just standing there going... 750x c9 ff 97 c9ff979d3e837aa81029359472099090.jpg
FREEBIE!  This song is part of KindyKats' Our Community Songs and Rhymes.
my Nalani would be so cute like this when she comes
Fireman air tank made from recycle materials
Fireman song for preschoolers and pre k kids learning about community helpers…
Fireman Mickey
Wow - this is the biggest list of books about community helpers that I've seen yet!  Awesome that it has books about firefighters, books about police officers, and much more!