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Liu Yang, China’s first female astronaut

China has sent its first woman into space on a mission to dock with an orbiting station, the latest step in an ambitious programme to go to the moon and on to Mars. Photo: China's first female astronaut Liu Yang, waves during a sending off ce...

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Female Space Explorers (Infographic)

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Looking Back on America's First Female Astronauts

The glass ceiling was no match for these women. Read the story of America's first female astronauts: the women of NASA's Astronaut Group 8.

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On January 16, 1978, NASA selected the first class with female astronaut candidates: Shannon Lucid, Margaret Rhea Seddon, Kathryn Sullivan, Judy Resnik, Anna Fisher, & Sally Ride. | Photo credit: NASA

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Black History Month: Famous Black Engineers and Scientists

Mae C. Jemison became the first female African-American space traveler in the United States, according to NASA.

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China's first female astronaut shows how 'women hold up half the sky'

Liu Yang, China's first female astronaut, waves during a departure ceremony at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in Gansu province. Photograph: Jason Lee/Reuters. China's first female astronaut shows how 'women hold up half the sky'. The famous Chinese maxim has it that women hold up half the sky. Thanks to Liu Yang, they have now soared past it. On Saturday a Shenzhou-9 spacecraft blasted off from its Gobi desert launch site carrying the first Chinese woman into space.

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Revolutionary pioneers

First woman in space. In 1963, former textile worker Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman to travel to space. The 26-year-old Russian was the fifth cosmonaut to go into the Earth's orbit.

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125 Most Influential Women

R.I.P. Sally Ride. She was an inspiration to all American women.

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