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30 Safe First Finger Foods for Babies

If baby has mastered purees and is ready to try table foods, offer him some of these great finger foods.

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I am always being asked about what size and shape I cut Harry's first finger foods into. I have put this post together to share with everyone how I served Harry's food to him.

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Baby's First Finger Foods

What: Diced bananas Tip: Cut bananas into small pieces so little mouths won't choke. Other soft, ripe fruits are also safe as you start feeding your child solid foods.

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Banana Pancakes Recipe for Baby Finger Food

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{NEW} THE IMPORTANCE OF FINGER FOODS: Starting finger foods early in your child’s solids journey has countless benefits for their oral motor development necessary for learning how to eat and for the development of speech. Click through for more info and great first finger food ideas. #onehandedcooks

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Popular first finger foods

From roughly 7-8 months of age, many babies are more than ready to move on from eating purees alone to something more substantial. If your little one is raring to give ‘big people’ foods, take a look at our list of some of the best finger food for babies.

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