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First International

from a Cajun in Cali

Know What to Bring on Your First International Trip

What to Bring on Your First Trip Abroad | International Packing Tips | Europe Packing List | Printable Packing List | Travel Tips via @acajunincali

from One Good Thing by Jillee

A Beginner’s Guide To Planning An International Trip - Part 1

Have you ever dreamed of planning a trip to a far off place but didn't know where to even start? Today my daughter Britta is sharing her thoughts and practical wisdom on planning your first international trip!


Tips for traveling to Costa Rica with kids. Costa Rica is the perfect family vacation destination for your first international trip with children. Costa Rica is a beautiful and safe country with so many activities for the whole family. By Savvy Sassy Moms


Clara Zetkin (left) and Rosa Luxemburg (right) in a 1910 picture. Zetkin (1957-1933) was a German Marxist theorist, activist, and advocate for women's rights. In 1911, she organized the first International Women's Day. Luxemburg (1871-1919) was a Marxist theorist, philosopher, economist and revolutionary socialist.

from The Blonde Abroad

The Beginner's Guide to International Travel

I know that it can be scary to take your first international trip, and it requires a lot of preparation. But, don’t worry! It’s easier than you might think.

from a Cajun in Cali

Find Out What to Do Before Going Abroad for the First Time

Planning your first international travel experience? Click here to find out what to do before going abroad for the first time!


First International Space Station Assembly Spacewalk December 7, 1998 - Endeavour’s STS-88 mission carried the first U.S. contribution to the International Space Station—the Unity node. During the flight, NASA astronauts Jerry Ross and Jim Newman made a spacewalk to connect Unity to the Russian piece in orbit, the Zarya module, by hooking up 40 cables and connectors between the structures to form the heart of the nascent space station. To date there have been 187 spacewalks outside the…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

International Baccalaureate Learner Profile Keepsake Book

In my PYP classroom my students learn the 10 learner profile traits throughout the year. In this pack students will create their own learner profile booklet.


Every international fan- though I don't try anything the first 20 times I hear the song


International Phonetic Alphabet