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First Lady Speech

Mary Todd Lincoln: Was She Insane?

Mary Todd Lincoln, married to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Her life was filled with great triumphs and great tragedy. She was first lady during the civil war and neither the southerners nor the northerners accepted anything she did. Her husband's assassination in 1865 shattered her and eventually she outlived her children as well. She struggled with mental illnesses.

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First Lady Fashion at the the Smithsonian

First lady Helen Taft enthusiastically supported the establishment of the first ladies collection. When asked to contribute a dress to the exhibition, she chose the gown she wore to her husband’s 1909 inauguration. Her choice established a precedent for future first ladies and each one since who attended an inaugural ball has donated the gown she wore to that event.

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My Queen

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The new First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, President Eisenhower and Vice-President Johnson’s wife Lady Bird Johnson bear the cold and listen intently to the now infamous ‘Ask Not’ inaugural speech of the newly inaugurated President John F. Kennedy ~ Jan 20th, 1961. ♡❤❤❤♡❤♡❤❤❤♡

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25may2015---first lady michelle obama delivering commencement speech at oberlin college, oberlin, ohio

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#FINALSPEECH AS #FIRSTLADY #Wearing #NarcisoRodriguez #FirstLady #FLOTUS Of The United States 🇺🇸 Of America #MichelleObama urged young Americans not to fear the future but fight for it, delivering an emotive #farewellspeech Friday January 6, 2017 in which she said being First Lady was the greatest honor of her life #FinalSpeech #Speech #GreatestHonor #WhiteHouse #SchoolCounsel #TheWhiteHouse #Obama #BlackHistory #History #Hope #BlackGirlsRock #MamaChief #ObamaAdministration #ThankYou

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Michelle Obama's Stunning DNC Outfit: All the Details!

Our fashion forward, FLOTUS, Michelle Obama at the DNC 2012 rocking the mic and laying done what black love is all about! Never mentioned Romney but blew him out of the water with her speech!

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Lesson plan: "Exploring Wildflowers and Plants Through the Wildflower Center" Objectives:Students will research wildflowers using the internet. Students will design and create model flowers. Students will utilize computer spreadsheets to record and organize flower information.

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I cry every time I see one of the Obamas saying farewell. It breaks my heart that they won't be in the WH any more. I hope for a beautiful future for Michelle, her Husband and her Children. Michelle Obama Final Speech as First Lady | ABC News

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“Let me tell you something. For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback. ” Listed in: 2000s - Quotes - Michelle Obama - By