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Earthy Boho

Normally I'm not much for terrariums because I don't like glass separating me from the plants, but this is just straight beautiful! Perfect to have succulents in it too because they need water so infrequently, the amount of reaching in to fuss with them is really minimized to once or twice a month.

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MARINELAND® 55 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble

MARINELAND® 55 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble | Showcase your aquarium with MARINELAND® 55 Gallon Aquarium/LED Hood/Stand Ensemble, which will be a perfect fit with your home's décor.

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Fish tower - What child would not love this? A large jar is filled in pond, then raised upsidedown and secured on a stand in the pond. Lip of jar is just below surface. Fish come swim in the tower. Photo by calamity_j on

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Fish Tank Stand. Much more impressive looking than anything you can buy at a major retailer. Simple dimensional lumber too.

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100 gallon fish tank with stand and accessories Fresh water fish tank Other

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