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Dr. Seuss Crafts for Kids

A paper plate fishbowl craft with goldfish crackers, which is great to use during a beach, ocean, or summer unit. It is inspired by Dr. Seuss' book 'One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish'.

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Madigan made… a frosted snowman from a fish bowl. Do you decorate much this time of year for the season? Do you put out ‘winter’ décor? Or jump to Valentine’s Day? Maybe you prefer things simple and clean? This month, I didn’t plan to set out much winter décor. But when Carolina (from Always Expect …

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Mini Fishbowl Craft for Kids

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating a Mini Fishbowl Craft! It's the perfect quiet, clean, and sweet pet they've been wishing for!

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pot template - I can't do anything without a template/pattern and have actually used this one for the last couple years

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Tissue Paper Fishbowl Craft Kit - Definitely have (even cuter versions of) these things! Boy...elementary school teachers must thank the gods for OTC. x3

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Fishbowl Craft: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Fishbowl Craft inspired by "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" by Dr. Seuss (with corn syrup paint)

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Fish Bowl Snowman Craft

Fishbowl snowman christmas decoration to make! Such a cute craft for winter.

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E's daycare teacher had him use this for the cutest project. She painted green fingerpaint on his hand, then had him to a sideways handprint (so the fingers were pointing to the side). Then she painted blue paint all around the hand. Last, she drew an eye and a smiley mouth on the heel of the handprint, and the handprint looks like a fish. The fingers look like Betta fins. This blog has lots of fun ideas.

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