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Fish Bowl Punch

That's it I'm throwing in the towel and I'm due for a girls night! Seriously ! @Chelsea Rose I wanna make this it looks so yummy :P

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Fishbowl Drink Recipes

Fishbowl Drink Recipes... This one looks good as well. It could be your meal and drink all in one with all that fruit!

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I’ll have a fishbowl please (27 photos)

I absolutely love the idea of putting drinks into a fish bowl! I'll have about 5 on a hot summer day :)

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Spring Break Drinks

The perfect drink for sitting on the beach, since all the refills are right there in the bowl. The hard-candy taste comes from mixing two different types of alcohol. 750 ml UV Blue 750 ml Absolut Mango 5-6 cans of Sierra Mist soda Mix it all in a large clear bowl and throw in plenty of bendy straws. It should taste just like a blue Jolly Rancher.

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