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movie music box - I had one that sang "My name is Michael, I've got a nickel, I've got a nickel, shiny and new....! I'm going to buy me, all sorts of candy, that's what I'm going to do!

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Fisher Price people poster / seen on Little Birdie blog / sold on Les Happy Vintage

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Fisher Price Vintage.....had one of these! And it's labelled as vintage - guess I'm officially old.

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I have the barn and house. They live in my closet unless I let the kids play with them carefully @ the kitchen table... and I can't stay outta the way.

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I used to love this thing!!!! Oh man the things I wish I would have kept! Vintage Fisher Price Magic Burner Stove.

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Fisher Price Garage Ha! I was drooling over this, like, today. doree: In honor of I’m Remembering’s posting the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, I would like to remind everyone of the Fisher-Price Little People, and especially their garage, which I was sort of obsessed with. [Photo via]

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Little people fisher price toy - When I win the lottery (yeah, right!), I will have a room where I can display all the Fisher Price Little People I shall collect.

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nostalgic items from the 1970s | Fisher Price Toy Camera 70's, 1970's, Seventies, Vintage, Retro, Kids ...

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