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15 Kids Fitness Games

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Physical Education - Deal or No Deal Fitness Activity

Deal or No Deal is a Fun Fitness Activity where the students make choices for the activity that the class must then do. They have fun with this activity.

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Fitness Bingo- 30 Different Bingo Cards and Teacher Tools

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15 Kids Fitness Games

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Physical Education - Tag Games and Warm-up Activities

21 tag game and warm-up Activities for middle school and upper elementary levels. Making fitness fun is a key to keeping your students engaged and active in physical education class.

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Wheel of Fitness! Part two of Fitness in February active kids indoor series by eagerEd. Get moving with a game inspired exercise routine!

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Great selection of instant activities to use with upper grade and could be used with lower grades.

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popsicle stick workout jar

A popsicle stick workout is a fun and creative way to build a daily exercise routine that will keep you guessing!

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