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Nazi Flak tower. Used against allied aircraft in Europe. They had an air defense range of 14km and could put up 8,000 rounds in a minute!!!


Join our May 2013 tour and check out some of Hitler's toughest defensive structures - Flak towers. Their amazing story here:

The 350-strong garrison of the Zoo flak tower finally left the building. There was sporadic fighting in a few isolated buildings where some SS troops still refused to surrender, but the Soviets reduced such buildings to rubble.

56th FG P-47 attacking (what is probably misidentified as) a flak tower at a German airfield in France. Consensus seems to be that it's a water tower since there are no visible gun openings.


Berlin WW2 German flak tower - there were three of these giants in Berlin,the Soviet tank guns could not dent them. They held thousands of Berliners and were surrendered at war's end.