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Nazi Flak tower. Used against allied aircraft in Europe. They had an air defense range of 14km and could put up 8,000 rounds in a minute!!!


6 Abandoned Places That Will Make Awesome Supervillain Lairs

The Augarten Flak Tower- Vienna, Austria- one of several flak towers constructed by Hitler (literally -- he personally took part in designing them) in 1942 to act as combined bomb shelters and anti-aircraft battlements against the Allied forces -- a job they carried out so well that when the Soviets later tried to demolish them in peacetime, their explosives only hurt the surrounding buildings.


Flak Towers:The L Tower in Vienna is now, well, you take a guess. If your German is any good then its current name – Haus des Meeres is a complete giveaway. If not, then you may be surprised to discover that it is an aquarium

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Flak Towers

WWII Flak tower, Vienna. When I saw the size of this in the early 80s I couldn't believe what it was and it wasnt mentioned in the guide books at that time.

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‘Fort Madness:’ Britain’s Bizarre Sea Defense Against the Germans

Knock John sea fort, one of several floating "Maunsell Forts," located in the Thames Estuary off the coast of England. Description from I searched for this on


Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-656-6103-09, Reichsgebiet.- Flak-Turm mit schwerer Flak - Category:12.8 cm Flak 40 - Wikimedia Commons