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CANDY STRIPE FLANNELETTE SHEET SET - Great cheap way to buy flannelette for quilting projects


Under the candlewick bedspread, the paisley patterned eiderdown and the blankets (mine were pink) came these candy striped flannelette sheets ... and they were soft and soothing.


Jenny Mclean Egyptian Cotton Flannelette Sheet Set Getting to sleep can be difficult on winter nights. You're either too cold to get any shut-eye or you're stuck stiff under so many blankets. Forget about piling on another doona what you need is ultra-warm flannelette sheets. The Flannelette Sheet Set cotton has been brushed and the fibres have been loosened making it warmer and softer than standard cotton. This technique is what makes flannelette feels so good and it's the reason why it…

#australia #home #garden #shopping - Printed flannelette sheet sets - sleep soundly in baby soft and luxurious flannelette - Enjoy a prettier bedroom as well as cosy winter nights with these cotton flannelette sheets which are of the fi ... - Only


DIY sheet blanket! What a great idea! Sew a flannel sheet to an inexpensive poly-fiber blanket to give it more warmth and weight.


Koo Harry Flannelette Sheet Set Harry | Spotlight Australia Bought three sets of these flannelette sheets to put on the boy's beds.