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Science Flip Books Bundle

Science Flip Books. The science flip books growing bundle contains 13 interactive science flip books. Each flip book contains multiple versions for the differentiated classroom! Topics included are: Seasons, Weather,Food Groups, 5 Senses, Science Tools, Magnets, Parts of a Plant, Force & Motion, Landforms, Moon Phases, Living & Non-Living Things, Day&Night, and Habitats.


{Animal Research Project} Flip Book

Here is an an animal research project flip book!All you need to do is print these. Students (or you) should cut around the black border so you don't have the extra white space on the paper. Then build it! The smallest paper goes on the top, the largest on the bottom.


Why We Should Send Snail Mail Again!


Making Flip Books- line up five pieces of paper about 1 inch apart, fold in half- leaving about 1 inch between the lower lines. Fold. Staple.


Multiplication Strategies Interactive Flip Books {2’s- 10's}

Your students will flip over these multiplication strategies interactive flip books! These 9 Multiplication Strategies Interactive Flip Books and anchor posters will help your students understand the concept of multiplication and help them memorize their multiplication tables. Each flip book follows the same format, so once your students learn how to do one, they can do the additional ones with greater independence. Each flip book includes the 5 multiplication strategies: • Equal Groups •...