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Set of 4 Timberwolves Bobbleheads Smith #32 Mitchell #42 Flip Saunders & CRUNCH #BobbleDobbles #MinnesotaTimberwolves

Q&A: Flip Saunders on Building the Baby T-Wolves, Luck, and Mountain Dew

from Deadspin

Timberwolves Play Heartrending Tribute To Flip Saunders Before Home Opener

The Minnesota Timberwolves host their first home game of the season tonight, and beforehand played a long and heartfelt tribute to Flip Saunders, who died of Hodgkin’s lymphoma a week ago. Saunders was the Timberwolves’ coach and president of basketball operations, but to residents of Minnesota, Flip was so much more, someone who loved the state as much as any native son and who promoted it at every opportunity.


Wolves Name Flip Saunders As President Of Basketball Operations

T’Wolves Head Coach Flip Saunders Dies at 60 From Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Wolves president and head coach Flip Saunders dies at 60

Flip Saunders, center, welcomed Wolves' first-round pick Kevin Garnett in 1995, along with Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale.

Flip Saunders passes away but the legacy lives on

Flip Saunders Who Led Timberwolves Ascent Dies at 60