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IM injection sites. Not supposed to use dorsoglut anymore due to increased risk of injury... Ventroglut is the replacement

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The seven most dangerous vaccines injected into humans and exactly why they cause more harm than good

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US government openly admits vaccines can cause polio, seizures and death in published 'Vaccine Injury Table'

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Next time someone says they don't put mercury in the vaccines anymore, remind them they are wrong. This is from the Fluzone Quadrivalent 2015-2016 flu vaccine. Causing neurological damage one injection at a time.

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An obvious ploy to both quell the growing public distrust of the flu shot and advocate for its alleged safety and effectiveness, Piers Morgan agreed to be this year's media guinea pig in receiving a flu shot injection directly from vaccine advocate Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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How I Lost my Job Over the Flu Vaccine from Mindful Mama | filled with excellent research and statistics links

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NYC TO FORCE ALL CHILDREN TO BE INJECTED WITH MERCURY IN THE FORM OF FLU SHOTS. Words of wisdom: beware of any product so dangerous that the government says that "you can't sue the manufacturer even if it kills you" but then that same government turns around and says, "Oh, by the way, you MUST inject your child with this substance, too."

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