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Snow White & the Huntsman (2012) Movie Review

A mix of Lord of the rings, Joan of arc, and the mean tree forest from wizard of oz. entertaining to watch.

An international art movement of the 1960s and 1970s, Fluxus—whose name was based on the Latin word flux, meaning constant flow or change—brought together artists working in music, poetry, film, theater, and the visual arts. The movement challenged the commodification of art and favored nontraditional modes of expression, such as collective performances, inexpensive publications, and unlimited editions of small objects.

What is the meaning of diarrhea In Hindi Meaning of diarrhea in Hindi SYNONYMS AND OTHER WORDS FOR diarrhea दस्त→diarrhea,scouring,scour,diarrhoea अतिसार→diarrhea,scouring,scour,diarrhoea पेट चलने का रोग→diarrhea,diarrhoea प्रवाहिका→diarrhea,dysentery,alvine flux,bowel complaint,catharsis,defluxio संग�

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How 1970s deodorant is still doing harm

Fluorite crystals under UV light. Fluorine is mined as calcium fluorite, known as "fluorspar" or "fluorite". Originally used as a "flux" agent in the steelmaking industry in Sheffield, England, the world's first steel town - adding it lowered the steel's melting point. This is how fluorine got its name - "flux" and "fluorine" are from the Latin word meaning "to flow".

Flouroquinolones and flouride, a dielectric blocker in water-Fluoride is a pineal and water issue........iodine is added to CSF. When F- is in your blood plasma from the water you concentrates in your pineal and destroys melatonin, destroys magnetic flux in your mitochondria. it destroys autophagy and favors apoptosis because it induced mitochondrial swelling. It ruins the piezoelectric current in collagen, and it ruins water chemistry because it is very electronegative…

CADMATIZED: Traumatized from creating CAD drawings for so long. At work absorbed in a virtual reality of lines, arcs, shapes, and volumes, becoming EMORPHALIZED: meaning in a constant flux of virtual creativity imagining alternative solutions to improve design.

Chung Seoyoung’s sculptures utilize manmade and found objects. The artist believes that sculpture is an intimate form of expression with its meaning always in flux. Viewers just have to deal with the artwork’s ontological nature as it unfolds in front of them.

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In memory of Lorissa Green: Seeking meaning in the flux

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