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Flux Program

If you're into art, art writing, culture criticism, and keen observation, check out e-flux.

So this is the basic instructions for the #sleeplight now I have to write this in #arduino #coding #processing #finalmajorproject #led #smd #sleepcycle #flux #bluelight #mdxpd #productdesign #industrialdesign #programming #sun #circadianrhythm #sleep #shadow #clock by ajay_parmar

Initial public program announced - Announcements - e-flux Architecture - e-flux

DAPA and DACA: Two Federal Programs in Flux Which Are Causing a Huge Rift in American Immigration Policy


Click here for additional Global Entry / Flux information-- Trusted Traveler program, accelerated customs entry

from dipfifth

Making stations; collaged studies of new station typologies

With Kurokawa's city-making workshops in mind, the group collage was revisited, with special attention given to the moments selected earlier. This time, rather than looking into their programatic a...


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By Nancy McIntosh - part of the In Flux Public Art Program



This wonderful book tells the story of NASA's two nuclear reactors that supported research for the NERVA nuclear rocket. Science in Flux: NASA's Nuclear Program at Plum Brook Station, 1955-2005 (NASA History) by Mark D. Bowles | LibraryThing