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Dun The Magazine: The Online Women's Fly Fishing Magazine showcasing female anglers from around the globe.

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How to tie basic fly-fishing knots. I think I'm going to print this off and keep it with my fly fishing stuff.

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It wasn’t so long ago that as a fly fisherman, if you wanted a leader to properly present your fly, you had to tie them yourself. There were endless discussions on what was the right formula for the situation you were fishing. What was right material for a given situation? What about length…or diameter? It went on and on. You couldn’t have three fishermen together for very long before the subject would come up. Even before the myriad of magazine articles, many book authors preached their…

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Vintage fly fishing illustration, a printable digital download, image no. 959

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2013 Thomas & Thomas Fly Fishing Photo Contest: The Results | Hatch Magazine - Fly Fishing, etc.

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Box Canyon on the Henry's Fork River in Idaho Catch Magazine - Fly Fishing Video - Film - Photography

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The Swing This presentation is a favorite among wet fly anglers. It’s a simple downstream presentation where you let the fly “sweep” down and across the stream. Unlike the dead drift, in this technique, drag is favorable and you actually do want more of your line in the water to leverage the current to move the fly.

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Love this classic Americana image of man and wife enjoying the fall day by the river. Many Sisters get into Fly Fishing for their husbands, then continue on to enjoy the sport alone and with girlfriends. Join Sisters on the Fly and find like minded Sisters looking to fly fish in groups!

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Check Out This Seminal Book in the History of American Fly Fishing Online, for Free! | Orvis News

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Just watched the Redford film "A River Runs Through It" last night. Makes me want to go practice my roll cast really badly!

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Hopper Legs- by Fred Hannie | | Hatches Fly Tying Magazine | | fly fishing pattern with step by step tutorial | trout fly | bass flies | pike flies | bluegill fly |

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Barracuda Fly Fishing - Florida Sportsman