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FOAM FIRE EXTINGUISHERS PORTABLE & MOBILE Foam Extinguishers are made of high quality ST14 by means of deep drawing.

FP3%&6% fluoroprotein foam extinguishing agent is primarily used in fire protection of non-water-soluble flammable liquids.Storage tanks, Truck/Rail loading or unloading facilities, Processing/Storage facilities, Docks/Marine tankers

from Etsy

One-of-a-kind Vintage 2 1/2 Gallon National Foam Fire Copper Extinguisher Upcycled Repurposed Lamp w/2 Edison Style Filament Light Bulbs


Making the choice between foam extinguisher, dry powder extinguisher and CO2 fire extinguisher can be confusing. No matter what type of fire extinguisher is available in an area, it must have the capability to respond and address fire emergencies that could occur in that particular area.


PCV fire extinguisher - this foam extinguisher is designed for use in enclosed environments and will not give off harmful vapours.