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Our Foam Fusion is the ultimate EPS foam glue! It permeates the foam and bonds around its cells. Other glues containing solvents will dissolve foam over time, but our formula is solvent-free. Our glue is not affected by heat or cold as with glue guns. It works with most rigid foams including Styrofoam, and many soft foams. Foam Fusion bonds foam to almost any porous surface and is easy to apply - simply squeeze or brush on. Plus, Hot Wire Foam Factory tools will cut through this glue.


#LooksForLess..inspriation provided by an expensive home decor catalog...looked created with foam board, glue, paint and personal photos.


Card board crowns I cut out each cardboard piece and hot glued it together, spray painted them and then used hot glue to put on the decorations. For the bottom of the crown, I traced a circle shape so all the crowns would be uniform is size. Then, based on how big your circle is, measure a 1 inch wide strip of cardboard to glue on as the base band. Next, cut six strips of cardboard to the size you desire, for the arched part of the crown. You can use a pencil to bend them until they are…


3 Ingredient DIY Puffy Paint

How to make 3-Ingredient DIY puffy paint for kids. This homemade paint is easy to make recipe with step-by-step instructions, including photos.


How to Make a Utility Belt: If this is your first build, check out the Introduction Page first, as well as the Supply Page for links to the foam, glue, and necessary tools. Also, download my free belt template here to help you get started. Use a cloth tape measure (or even better, make a foam ruler) to first get your waist size. Measure while wearing your costume to get the proper size. # gallery sample pic


Easy and cheap boob base tutorial (Original idea from atelierspana on Twitter) 1.Materials: 1/2 poly foam 5mm craft foam spandex fabric and paper for boob pattern. This cost me less than $15 and I have enough to make two sets of two. You'll also need a hot glue gun heat gun a round surface and straight pins. This is only the base for a fake boob tutorial by the Japanese cosplayer this idea came from. You can paint the fabric skin tone for Ryuko's transformation outfit from Kill La Kill or…


How to Apply Fiberfill to Your Foam - Glue Method - DIY Upholstery