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Pastel purple and blue tie dye surfboard


Neewer 9-In-1 Surfing Outdoor Sports Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero4 Session Hero1 2 3 3+ 4 SJ4000 5000 6000 7000 Xiaomi Yi in Swimming Rowing Skiing Climbing Bike Riding Camping Diving

#TagsForLikes #photo #Surfing Holder: The surfing holder has a bodyboard mount, a short base screw and a long base screw. It can be screwed in foam surfboards (1...

BLISS - what a fab day with @zensurfmorocco - just so happy and relaxed. As there are no group lessons today Nicolas the owner organised a private lesson for me this morning and I then joined another group from one of his friends for an afternoon of #surf fun. Incredibly patient teacher who got me standing on the board whilst we simultaneously collected rubbish from the sea. Totally forgot to take pictures as having so much fun so here is one of the end of the day with my #surfboard and…

Left to right: 5'2" Dominator 5'10" Spitfire. 8'0" Special T 9'9" Special T 6'0" Dominator All in TimberTek 18% Recycled Content EPS Foam 38% Plant Based Resin 25% Reduction in fiberglass used compared to other traditional surfboards sustainable art surfboards @sustainsurf


Lib Tech makes possibly the world’s most eco friendly surfboards. The ingredients for making a Lib Tech high performance board include a non ozone depleting blowing agent, 100% closed cell foam, which doesn’t absorb water, and an up to 50% recycled foam blank core. High profile shapers like Matt Biolos, of Mayhem Surfboards, have jumped on board with Lib Tech’s eco-surfboard technology, by adding surfboard models to the Lib Tech lineup.

from Sploid

Making a Hollow Wooden Surfboard Looks Like It's Totally Worth It

The inside of a wooden surfboard looks like the skeleton of a fish. And it only gets more beautiful from there. The entire process of making a surfboard from wood (most surfboards are made from foam and fiberglass) is so fun to see. There is so much carving and shaping and clamping and an obscene amount of glue that you wonder why someone would bother to do this. But the hollow wood surfboard ends up being so beautiful and natural that you see that it’s totally worth it.

Swallow by @raynorsurf #raynorsurf #boardart #surfart #surfboard


Fresh clutch of Long boards | Deus Australia


Gary McNeill Surfboards Entity is the ultimate all-rounder under the guise of a modern performance fish and one of the few boards that truly rips in most conditions. The Entity cruises along flat, stomach high sections, eats clean waves and handles steep, hollow overhead barrels with ease.