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Antique Camera: Vest Pocket Format Monroe Camera, c.1898. This is a tiny strut-style, bellows folding camera made by the Monroe Camera Company of Rochester, NY. It fits easily in hand and sized just right for a vest pocket (as intended). Pictures are 2 x 2½ inch images on glass plates or sheet films.


Just out... a new folding camera by Kodak. Brand new feature - not a button, not a trigger but a shutter release bar set into the camera b...


Antique Kodak 3A Folding Camera , Vintage Eastman Kodak Junior No. 3A Camera with Red Bellows

Vintage Kodak Camera Eastman Kodak 3A Folding Camera Antique Kodak Folding Camera with red bellows SPRING SALE (200.00 USD) by NostalgicWarehouse


Antique Camera: Bullard Folding Magazine Camera, Series B, c.1898. Another wacky attempt in making glass plate cameras as easy to use as roll film. In reality - not really! Almost all of these found have damage and missing rear strap from the pull-push action.


Uncommon Vintage Kodak Petite Folding Camera 1929-1933

Never have I wanted a green camera as much as I do right now.... It's PERFECT.


Vintage Lavender Kodak Petite Folding Camera with Original Bellows and Case - Rare

Relieving stress can be as simple as taking a picture. Here are 5 ways your camera can help you unwind and relax.