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-follow the queen for more poppin' pins @kjvouge✨❤️-

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twitter follow spree today in honor of 1k comment your twitter handle and I'll follow you (@katy_savoie)

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THANK YOU i just hit 100 followers and it might not seem that much to some of you but it loads to mean thank you everyonee!!:D im doing a follow spree so comment below to be followed

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Louis,"O.O We tell Niall nothing." Zayn,"Tell? Does that count as posting it on Twitter?" Louis,"You didn't...." Zayn,"Oops..." *Louis' phone rings, answers it* Louis,"Hello?" Niall,"One word. Karma." Louis,"Would that be Niall induced Karma?" Niall,"Why are we talking about giving birth here? Is this another joke about me growing up? Not cool." Louis,"Oh my... just... No!"

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Follow me on Pinterest is the only comments I should be getting. I keep my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest totally separate. You want a Twitter follow? Mention me. I'll eventually get to you. Same with Instagram. I can't give you special treatment just because you follow me on Pinterest. Im sorry if you're pissed off but it's only fair that way.

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My 7000th pin goes out to the one and only Harry Styles because he is flawless and shirtless Harry is my favorite Harry

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Ok so i got 400 followers. Thank you very much you guys are amazing. I cant do the follow spree tonight cuz im sick. I'll (hopefully) be better tomorrow. Then I PROMISE i will have the follow spree!!! :)

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FOLLOW this board! Comment & like the pictures to get more exposure and therefore MORE FOLLOWERS! <3

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