12 Magical Ways To Use a Food Processor! I ADORE THIS MACHINE. Also: a few recommendations for specific food processors to fit your cooking level and your budget. | pinchofyum.com

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The food processor is a fantastic tool, you'll be surprised by all the ways you can use it. Find plenty of food processor recipes and tips for using it!

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Turn the food processor on, then drop the Brussels sprouts in. You'll have to work in batches, emptying the shredded sprouts into a large bowl when the food processor gets full.

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TRIED IT. Easy Peasy Pumpkin Breezy. Turned out great, used for breadsticks too, Food-Processor Pizza Dough

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Creamy & Zesty Southern Chicken Salad - this one uses very little mayo but instead of shredding the chicken you put it in the food processor to give it the smooth creaminess of deli chicken salad

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