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Food Stamps

Every WalMart in America costs the tax payers over $900,000 per year in subsidies to the billion dollar corporation and food stamps for workers. There are thousands of WalMart stores, the math is staggering. Waltons are the richest family in America, yet you and I still have to subsidize them because they can afford to pay lobbyists and bribe politicians to keep this scam going. Boycott WalMart . Gov pass higher minimum wage laws that prevent a huge corporation see comments

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If you can support a drug habit, you don't need food stamps, and the taxpayers shouldn't be keeping you up.

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If you're Republican, and you don't support things like food stamps and universal health care, you don't even get to pretend to be pro-life.

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Eating Real Food on a Food Stamp Budget - This is for anyone on a tight grocery budgets, both those on food stamps and those who are not.

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Bitches be like.... I'm Independent, I pay for everything myself. They forgot they have food stamps.

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How to Eat Healthy on Food Stamps

There are more ways to fit healthy food into your SNAP budget than you may think! Here are some tips on How to Eat Healthy on Food Stamps. | via @aleamilham

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